Vision. Some have their eyesight yet lack direction. Others have lost their sight, yet know the direction they want to go. Some are simply blind in both areas. In this episode you'll learn about what it takes to gain vision back in your life and about a new technology, eSight, that is helping bring back sight to those who are visually impaired.

Imagine for a moment, you serve your country and you do it well – not uncommon. But then you get injured in battle – injured to the point your vision for your life changes – maybe you lose your sight; maybe your “planned career” now needs to change. You once could see, but now you are visually impaired. Or maybe your vision for your life is going off the rails. You are not alone. Today we are going to give you steps to help you gain vision - and for those who have actually lost their physical sight, we have a tremendous resource for you.

ON the show today I have Gale Pollock,  retired United States Army major general who served as the ACTING Surgeon General of the Army Medical Department, the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States Army from October 2006 to March 2007, and also as chief of the Army Nurse Corps. In addition, GEN. Pollock served as Exec Director, Fox Center for Vision Restoration, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Today, she is helping Veterans see.

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