In this latest episode, longtime Hollywood director Todd Robinson shares his thoughts on those who serve our country in uniform - and how this service...View Details

Mission. Purpose. Identity. Three words that are clearly understood by most who serve in our military. And then we get out and some lose sight of this...View Details

Identity. In the military our identity – who we are, our rank, our mission, our purpose, is all packaged pretty tightly. We know where we stand in the...View Details

Veteran myths and stereotypes seem to take on a life of their own - and sometimes influence HR hiring decisions. HR Expert David Alsop, Senior Directo...View Details

How does one become a top tier leader – and where does one start after military service to get on this pathway to corporate leadership? We’ll unpack t...View Details

Have you ever just "lost motivation" or if you lead teams, felt your teams just don't seem to be engaged? In this episode of The Military Wire, you'll...View Details

What does it mean to be you after that uniform comes off? And how do you even start defining your own personal brand? In this episode of The Military ...View Details

Communicating vs Selling your Value. I think we’ve all heard the adage “people don’t like to be sold, they love to buy.” Sitting before someone in HR ...View Details

In this episode of The Military Wire, you'll learn what the top three best career fields are after military service from retired Marine Corps Colonel,...View Details

Grabbing the attention of HR takes a bit of luck and science. In this episode of The Military Wire, Dan Johnson, former infantry officer who is now le...View Details

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