Heroes are made every day. In this episode we unpack Kris Paronto's latest book The Patriot's Creed. 

In The Patriot's Creed, Kris Paronto uses the seven core Army Values that all soldiers learn in Basic Combat Training, and the experiences of other servicemen and women and First Responders, to explain how anyone can improve themselves, the world around them, and live a heroic life.

Kris Paronto is best known for his experiences fighting the terrorist attack on the US State Department Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, Libya, on SEPT 11, 2012. The Movie 13 Hours was the feature of that experience. Kris went on to write the best-selling book The Ranger Way and has a new book out called The Patriot’s Creed.

To learn more about Kris and what he is doing in the market place, visit:



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