Our circumstances can sometimes be overwhelming. When Andrew lost his wife, he had a choice to make. What will you do when death hits you in the face?

Andrew E. Coussens spent nearly eight years deployed as a contractor for a classified US government program that is still active in numerous areas of the world in support of the War on Terror.

He spent three years simultaneously training partner nations in counter-terrorism tactics for the US State Department’s Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

Since leaving these programs, Mr. Coussens has been employed as a consultant for The Activity Group, a company that provides field-trauma solutions for the US military (AFRICOM), Federal law enforcement agencies, SWAT/Emergency teams, and tactical medical programs worldwide.

His first novel is sure to be a best seller. A Failed State is an international war on terror novel that is fast-paced, and very real.

Damien Collins, who struggles with severe anxiety, a troubled marriage, and a custody dispute over his five-year-old daughter, is a member of this elite intelligence-gathering team trying to stop the spread of ISIS and its emergence in the hotbed of Afghanistan. Damien’s team has confidants within ISIS-Khorasan that could turn the tide of the struggle. While Damien’s team rushes to solidify their victories, he has to juggle his own chaos at home.

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