Battle changes every person who experiences it. In this episode, you'll hear from Purple Heart recipient and Best-Selling author Sean Parnell who took his mess and made it his message through his fictional best-selling books. You'll learn how you can take your mess and make it part of your message as you go through life's transitions.

A bit more on Sean: 

  • Sean Parnell is a Purple Heart recipient and led the most decorated unit in global war on terror.
  • Parnell’s legendary Army unit that served in Afghanistan and was the subject of the National Bestseller, OUTLAW PLATOON.
  • It was the events on 9/11 that urged Sean to join the Army and defend the country. During a 485-day deployment in 2006-2007, only a single member of his platoon was killed.
  • Since returning home, three members of the platoon have taken their own lives. To grapple with the fact that they lost three times as many men to post-war suicide than in combat is to begin to grasp the true burden of war that veterans carry.
  • Sean created American Warrior Initiative to help veterans.
  • AWI partnered with a service dog organization called Custom Canines to provide service dogs to in-need veterans.
  • Sean is a dynamic speaker and has appeared on multiple media platforms including Fox News, CNN and others.
  • ALL OUT WAR features Eric Steele—an Alpha—an elite clandestine operative under the direct command of the President of the United States.
  • Steele is the hero that America needs right now, he knows right from wrong, good from bad and knows there is no gray area in protecting the United States of America.

Purchase his book here: ALL OUT WAR

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