Take yourself to the next level of performance. In this episode you'll hear from Olympian, former fighter pilot, and CEO of Eberlestock, Glen Eberle on how he is changing the world. And how you can change the world as well.

In life we’ll face adversity, challenges, and events that can be crippling – if we let them. Glen rose above. He took a bad situation and made good from it.

I sat down with Glen Eberle of Boise-based Eberlestock , a company that designs, manufactures and sells a range of sporting gear and tactical gear for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and military tactical combat units. In this episode you'll hear how his company almost collapsed due to a warehouse fire years ago. That fire left him with only a few smoke-scented inventory items.  He and his wife packed those items up in their truck and left for SHOT SHOW in Vegas – and came away with a considerable order that gave his company a new beginning.

In life's transitions we'll have many of our own "warehouse fires." Events that are demoralizing and devastating.

But we can learn from those events. And those events can help us become world-changers. 

Watch the Eberlestock story here.  

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