Getting ahead in corporate requires a certain attitude. In this episode, you'll learn how Dwight Zimmerman - one of the nation's most respected historians moved along his career to showcase some of America's most pivotal events. His steps can be duplicated to help you move along your career path. 

You also learn that in 1986, in more than a thousand theaters across the country, American audiences flocked to see one of the year’s most hyped movies. I was one of those Americans who raced to see what was promised to be an action-packed, thrilling movie starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, and cool jets. Some critics said the movie would amount to a failure – but in the first weekend, sales totaled $8.2 million, more than half of the movie’s $15m budget – and it went on to amass more than $300m and is still considered one of the Navy’s best recruiting tools.

That movie is Top Gun. It not only became a recruiting jackpot for the Navy, but according to Dwight Zimmerman – one of the nation’s top historians and author of the new book TOP GUN: 50 Years of Naval Air Superiority – it was the catalyst to helping shift an attitude of despair and embarrassment many felt when it came to our military.

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