You CAN separate yourself from the pack. In this episode, former BUD/s instructor and Navy SEAL Garrick Fernbaugh, now founder and president of Red Frog, a Tactical Curriculum Development / Security Consulting Company that is breaking new ground in the science of tactical training, shares how he took his desire to prove himself to become one of America's Elite.

He shares the steps he took - steps you can take - that have positioned him to influence an industry. That desire to continue to prove himself wasn't without challenges. Transition wasn't easy. Finding mission and purpose wasn't easy. Starting his company wasn't easy. 

But it wasn't about easy. It was about proving he could do it and making a difference. 

Everyday we all have a choice to make: get up, go along, go to bed OR get up, prove you are here to make a difference, go to sleep knowing you haven't wasted oxygen. 

Check out Garrick's company - what he and his team teach could save your life and make a generational difference. 

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