STOP. Don't take that FIRST JOB without listening to this episode. U.S. Army Veteran turned HR Expert with over 20 years experience, author of From Broken to Brilliance, shares how you can avoid job jumping and avoid that "good job" that leaves searching for the right job. 

For over 20 years, John has encouraged and inspired both leaders, managers, and employees, to know their gifting/talents, discover their life's mission, and develop a partnership with the divine focused on alleviating world suffering. This results in a healthier, happier, bought in, and more productive employee serving your customers, company/organization, and changing the world.

In short, he helps encourage people to raise their standard and live their best lives working for others or themselves.

Areas of Effectiveness Include, but are not limited too:

• Personal and Professional Coaching
• Inspirational Public Speaking
• Wellness Advocacy (EAP, Mental Health, and Socializing Its Importance)
• Teambuilding

To learn more, connect John via email:

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