If you are a military spouse, you'll want to tune in to this episode with Cameron Cruze, Head Riveter and co-founder of RRiveter.com, a military spouse-driven manufacturing company that employs the talents of military spouses across the country.  

Because of the transient lifestyle, constraints of moving, cost of caregiving, and flexibility required to balance family obligations when a servicemember is away, many spouses seek or require remote work opportunities.

After charging two thousand dollars each to their credit cards, Lisa and Cameron purchased a commercial sewing machine and a small supply of leather and canvas. At first, it was a two-woman operation, but as demand grew, so did the team.

In 2016, after a successful appearance on Shark Tank, Bradley and Cruse made their pitch and wound up with three offers. They decided to accept an offer from billionaire investor Mark Cuban, who already had a track record of working with and supporting military affiliated companies.

And now they are employing military spouses across the country.

Cruze and Bradley are changing the military spouse employment landscape. Check out how you can be a part of this great mission.

Visit RRiveter.com 



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