WHO AM I? Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself “who is staring back at me?” You wear the uniform or wore it – had your identify assigned to you – but you still don’t know who you are. Maybe you’re not who you thought you would be? Maybe you’ve done things that are incredibly impressive followed by things you are far from proud of – which creates this internal conflict – and leads you to ask the question WHO AM I.

You aren’t alone. Gary V helps us unpack his journey to discovery WHO HE IS despite being defined by the military and society of who he should be.

This episode will help you start that journey to self - discovery. 


Our guest led a dual life – and one where he battled with his dual identity. Gary Villanueva’s training in Special Operations is extensive -  Retired 1st Special Forces Group, Ft Lewis WA 1999 (Retiring rank: E-8 Master Sergeant, no combat tours)

He then became an Activated Retiree; Operation Enduring Freedom Iraq, 1st Special Forces Group 2008-2009 (in the rear with the gear, still no combat tour)

Finished 21 years of service in the United States Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Six years as a Special Forces Operations Sergeant coordinating detachment (1 year A-Team Operations Sergeant) and company operations. eight years as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant specializing in combat trauma management. six years as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant specializing in military explosives, field (theater) construction, and fortifications.

Start the journey. Ask for help. Get a mentor. You'll find you when you find your gift. 

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