Viewing life through a sniper's scope was a daily practice for Special Forces, Green Beret Rod Rodriguez. Getting blown up was just a part of life. And when it came time to transition - not by choice - but through a med board, suddenly his daily practice was truly foreign - and more traumatic than his military experience. 

When life changes unexpectedly, how will you respond? 

In this episode, President and Chief Executive Officer at Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation Rod Rodriguez chronicles his military experience, how his wife's transition was polar opposite of his, and his journey to becoming one of America's Greatest Assets after his military experience.

Rod will tell you that he is just a normal kid from New Mexico. And this normal kid from New Mexico, after serving our country with honors, is on a new mission to bring tribute to those who have served and continue to serve in America's longest conflict. 

The Global War on Terror (GWOT) Memorial Foundation, the congressionally-designated non-profit foundation is tasked with organizing, fundraising and coordinating efforts to build a new memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C..  

Former President George W. Bush was named as its honorary chairman.

What you'll learn from this podcast is that success takes work. And Rod's humble approach to achieving success is one that many can duplicate. Rod chose to give back as his next mission and purpose. 

What will be your next mission and purpose after military service?

"Continuing my service to others first through established leadership in the military and civilian communities through teamwork as well as collaboration." - Michael "Rod" Rodriguez 


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